Función de preservación de envases al vacío


Principles of vacuum packaging:

The growth of aerobic microorganisms is suppressed under vacuum, which causes the proliferation of lactic acid bacteria and anaerobic bacteria, and the PH value is reduced to 5.6-5.8

The role of vacuum packaging:

  • Inhibit microbial growth and avoid contamination by external microbes

  • Slows down the oxidation rate of fat-proof in meat, and also has a certain inhibitory effect on enzyme activity

  • Reduce product dehydration. Maintain product weight.

  • Used in combination with other methods to improve the preservation effect (Such as chilled or frozen).

  • Clean product, increase market effect

Requirements for vacuum packaging materials:

  • High air barrier (Ethylene or ethylene-vinyl alcohol copolymer or additional aluminum foil)

  • Polyolefin film with water vapor barrier

  • Fragrance barrier (Polyamide and polyethylene mixed materials)

  • Sombreado (impresión, coloración, recubrimiento con cloruro de polivinilideno, recubrimiento dorado y adición de una capa de papel de aluminio)

  • Comportamiento mecánico (capacidad antidesgarro y ant sellado)

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